Cable Access In Excelsis

The Song:

"Cable Access In Excelsis" is one of Beck's Planned Obsolescence DJ mixes. Initially, the mix was 32 minutes long. However, at some point, Beck cut out about 8 minutes from the mix, and the version on was 24 minutes long.

Here is the tracklist (I believe for the short one; I'll try to get the long one for you in time):

ndian Jewelry- Bird Is Broke (Won't Sing)
Jan Jelinek- Lithiummelodie
Street Horrrsing- Bright Tomorrow
Atlas Sound- Walkabout (w_ Noah Lennox)
The Archies- Sugar, Sugar
Yellow Magic Orchestra- Cue
Major Lazer- Hold The Line feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold
Altair Nouveau- Cosmos
Erotic Drum Band- Touch Me Where It's Hot
Arm Of Roger- I Like Lo-Fi Recordings
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Cable Access Follies
The Books- That Right Ain't Shit
Iggy Pop- No Sense Of Crime
Fela Kuti- Monkey Banana
The Green Arrows- Towering Inferno
Lene Lovich- Be Stiff
The Fall- DKTR Faustus
Arm Of Roger- Robot Escort
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Life In L.A
Sound Factory- Let's Go
The Frequency- You're the Perfect Size
Indian Jewelry- Temporary Famine Ship