IRM (Diskjokke remix)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: IRM

This Version:
  • IRM (Diskjokke remix) (8:31)
    Diskjokke: Remix
    Charlotte Gainsbourg: Vocals
    Beck Hansen: Vocals (Background)
Take a picture what's inside
Ghost imaging my mind
Neural pattern like a spider
Capillary to the center
Hold still and press the button
Looking through the glass onion
Following the x-ray eyes
From the cortex to medulla

Analyze EKG
Can you see a memory?
Register all my fear
On a flowchart disappear
Leave my head demagnetized
Tell me where the trauma lies
In the scan a pathogen
Or the shadow of my sin
The Song:

This long dance-y remix of "IRM" by Diskjokke was released on some bonus disc version of IRM.