In The End
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. In The End (2:00)
    Available on IRM.
    Bram Inscore: Bass, Celeste
    Brian Lebarton: Celeste
    David Campbell: Conductor, String Arrangement
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Producer
    Jason Falkner: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Charlotte Gainsbourg: Vocals
  2. In The End (Sunset Sound Session)
    Available on Sunset Sound.
In The End [Version (a)]:

Help me to see what it's all coming to
Crumbs on the table and mud on these shoes
Treading so long, I can't see where we've been
Tracks on the trail and nails digging in
Who's to say it's all for the best in the end?

Some hands will rob you and some hands will beg
Some say they'll stay till their last dying day
But if actions can't speak and words cannot do
What ten thousand armies can't even fight through
Who's to say it's all for the best in the end?

Who's to say it's all for the best in the end?
The Song:

"In The End" is a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg on her 2010 album, IRM. Beck wrote and produced the entire record.

"In The End" is a short thoughtful song, with Beck and Jason Falkner playing acoustic guitars and a little touch of orchestra on top and Charlotte's voice front and center. It stands out as a song without drums, as much IRM is quite percussive and rhythmic.

Basically, the song seems to me to be a reflection by someone dying. Life is ending, and what was the point? What was the meaning of my life, the mud on my shoes and the tracks I left behind? Do my actions and words even matter?