Favorite Nerve
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Favorite Nerve (2:06)
    Available on One Foot In The Grave.
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
Favorite Nerve [Version (a)]:

Pull the car over
Throw out your clothes
The smell is disgusting
Where does it go?
Tear down the houses
The ones that aren't there
Tear down the houses
Pull the car over

Rise you up (tell me your story)
Make it all up (I'll be the judge)
Rise you up (tell me your story)
Make it all up (I'll be the judge)

Come for a visit
Come for a stay
I won't annoy you
I won't complain
You can be crazy
Tear up all my things
Cut up the kitchens
Wear all my rings

Tell me your story (make it all up)
I'll be the judge
The Song:

"Favorite Nerve" is one of the outtakes included on the Deluxe version of One Foot In The Grave.

Many years ago, beck.com included some lyrics to a handful of the OFITG outtakes in their discography. One of these was listed as "Make It Up."

Then when the One Foot Deluxe tracklist was first revealed, there was a song called "Favorite Nerve." I thought it might be "Make It Up," because the first verse of that song includes the line "you're my favorite person in the world / and I'm not just saying that / it takes a lot of nerve for you to say you hate me."

Interestingly though, the released version of "Favorite Nerve" does not match the lyrics of "Make It Up." (And there's no mention of favorites or nerves!) However, both songs have the call and response-style chorus, and they're clearly related somehow. The "Make It Up" outtake does not circulate to know how they compare, or which came first, or what. My guess is that this is the earlier version because the lyrics are not nearly as vivid here as on "Make It Up." Beck repeats some lines here, which makes the song feel slightly like it is an unfinished song. That's just speculation though.

Musically, "Favorite Nerve" is a slow OFITG-style grunge band track. Beck gets a great atmosphere out of a very minimal arrangement.