Dust in the Wind
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Dust in the Wind [Live version (a)]:

Feelin' like dust in the wind that was one from the end of the bend
Where the dust could never end even if it wanted to!
And dust of the dust, dust, the plus of the plus and the most of the most
Through some kind of blown-out ghost, dust in and out of the wind
Between and sideways, lookin' out of the corner of my eye
In the wind, dust and wind, the words that have been used
Dropped like science from some appliance
Dust / wind equals instant folk song

Dust in the wind, dust in my chord changes
Holding me up, making me up, taking me up
And the wind is changing my own style
Of making dust feel like it is
The Song:

Beck performed one of his low-key, tiny acoustic concerts on September 1, 1996, in Hoboken, NJ. He did not have a setlist, and after opening with "Puttin It Down," Beck asked for requests. Among the roar of shouts, someone asked for "Dust in the Wind." They were probably referring to Kansas' classic rock staple, "Dust in the Wind," but Beck did not seem to realize that. So instead he improvised!

His little tune began about dust in the wind, but by the end was referencing itself?"Dust and wind, the words that have been used / Dropped like science from some appliance / Dust, wind equals instant folk song." The improvisation really sets a loose, fun mood for the rest of the show.

Later on in the set, he once again returned to the song. He quietly plucked some guitar and strained to reach some new high notes, but it was a little coda to the made-up, improvised song. "That wasn't a song. I'm just filling up the space," he explained.

Played live once:
September 1, 1996