Half & Half
By: Beck Hansen, Brian Burton

Written by: Beck Hansen, Brian Burton

  1. Half & Half (2:21)
    Available on Modern Guilt and 1 other release.
    Beck Hansen: Bass, Electric Piano, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
    Danger Mouse: Keyboard / Synthesizer, Programming
Half & Half [Version (a)]:

Half of you doesn't belong here
Half of you feels home
Half of you needs somebody
Half of you wants to be alone
How can I know which one
I'm gonna meet when I get back home?

Half of you doesn't know nothing
And half knows too much
Half of you is reaching for something
The other half can't touch
How can I know which one
I'm supposed to try to love?

Half of you feels like it's dying
And half has just been born
Half of you is tearing out roses
And half is full of thorns
How can I know which one
I'm supposed to try to ignore?
The Song:

"Half & Half" was the b-side for "Youthless," and was also made available on an expanded version of Modern Guilt.

I recall some articles which indicated that Beck and DangerMouse, upon first meeting up, bonding over 60s psychedelic pop music. This song is firmly in that style, with echoed vocals, organ-style synthesizers, lyrics about love, buzzing electric guitars, and 2-minute length. It's a nice recording. The lyrics can feel a little gimmicky to me, but are still relatively clever and a straight-forward exploration of the confusion of love.

This song has never been played live.