By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Untitled ??? Crazy Loud Fast Distorty

  1. Indefatigable
Indefatigable [Version (a)]:

You're so indefatigable
You're so indefatigable
The Song:

This song is one of the tracks that Beck and Brian Lebarton have recorded for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. It and the others are all fast, hard and loud. (Beck was hired to do the music for Scott's band Sex Bob-Omb.)

The recorded version is only about 40 seconds long, but it gets extended to a couple minutes for the live performance.

UPDATE: It appears that this song is not on the soundtrack. This is a bit surprising, not only because Beck played the song live a couple of times, but because in the 2nd Scott Pilgrim book, Sex Bob-Omb is shown playing a song, and the singer is singing "I'm so indefatigable!!!"

Despite the lyrics coming from the book, the song has been copyrighted to Beck's name alone.

UPDATE UPDATE: Beck's recording of "Indefatigable" is apparently in the movie, just not released on the soundtrack. (Though I'm not clear if Sex Bob-Omb's version is the one in the film, or if it's Beck's.)

Played live 4 times:
Earliest known live version: September 30, 2008
Latest known live version: November 10, 2008

Beck actually took to playing this song on stage a few times in the fall of 2008 (on the Modern Guilt tours). I mean, it's just a 40-second punk song, so it was easy to slip into it real quick like before anyone knew what was happening. :)