Portable Love
  1. Portable Love
Portable Love [Version (a)]:

The Song:

Back in April 2007, it was learned that Beck had done some experimenting, recording directly to disc with some of his long-time band members as well as Jamie Lidell, who had just finished a tour as Beck's opening act at the time.

Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. wrote about it on his website, saying:

The most recent and biggest surprise of late was getting a call from Beck recently to help do some “direct to disc” recording. Those invited to help out were, Justin, Jason Falkner and special guests Jamie Lidell and Mocky. Direct to disc recording involves all of the musicians performing simultaneously (no overdubbing) live in a studio environment. The audio signal is then sent to an antiquated machine that literally cuts the signal onto vinyl instantly there on the spot. The objective being and incredibly enhanced recording signal and sound quality not to mention the “live” element of the performance being captured. In other words, no second takes for the musicians. Get it right and get it right now! Needless to say this was a new and exhilarating challenge that we all welcomed. It really forced some interesting spontaneity to emerge from this great ensemble of musicians. No word yet as to how Beck plans on using the material garnered from these dates.

Then a year later, Jamie Lidell recalled the session in an interview: "I recently got to record a 7-inch in an LA studio with a certain fellow named Beck and his friends. It was etched direct to disc. We cranked out two no-wave improvised monsters called "Portable Love" and "Portacabin Of Love" (A- and B-side respectively). Somewhere that disc lies waiting to be heard."

It still lies waiting to be heard!