Beggar's Shoes
  1. Beggar's Shoes
Beggar's Shoes [Version (a)]:

the ice caps melting down

the transistor sound
The Song:

Another song on Beck's new album, Modern Guilt. Rolling Stone says it has "twangy guitar and an uptempo beat." says it is a "jaunty, '60s-sounding hit-the-highway song."

Beck himself said he wanted "Beggar's Shoes" to "have the feeling of one of those Chuck Berry songs that straddles the line of being a song about cars, but then resonates with something else you can't put your finger on."

UPDATE: This may or may not still be on Modern Guilt. It could have changed names, but it's not listed on a tracklist that's getting around. More info needed...

UPDATE UPDATE: Those lyric snippets (and that song description above) indicate that "Beggar's Shoes" changed name to "Gamma Ray."