You're Running Wild
By: Donnie Winters, Ray Edenton

Original Performance: Buddy Miller
Written by: Donnie Winters, Ray Edenton

You're Running Wild [Version (a)]:

From October 22 2006 version:

You're running wild
How long can this go on?
You're leaving me alone
Stop running wild

You're always gone
My love, you'll never change
It's more than I can bear
Stop running wild

You'll settle down one day
And find I've gone away
You'll think of what you've done
While running wild

You can't go on
You'll have to change your ways
You'll have to go or stay
Stop running wild

You're running wild
How long can this go on?
You're leaving me alone
Stop running wild

You're running wild
The Song:

"You're Running Wild" is an old country song, covered by a great many artists. I believe Beck likely was covering the version by the Louvin Brothers, as he is an avowed fan. It can be found on their 1960 album, My Baby's Gone.

Once in 2011, a compilation of Louvin Brothers songs was released, and one of the discs was handpicked favorites by various famous musicians. Beck was one of the selectors, and he chose their song "The Great Atomic Power." (Zooey Deschanel picked "You're Running Wild.") Also once Beck picked a list of his favorite album covers, and one of his choices was the Louvin Brothers' classic Satan Is Real.

Anyway, Beck covered "You're Running Wild" on stage 3 times in 2006. Right before that tour, Beck had stopped into Nashville to do some "fun recording," which included some country covers. Very little of this session has been released, but since "You're Running Wild" was added to the setlist shortly thereafter, it is probably safe to assume he did record it. It does, however, remain unreleased (if this assumption is true).

Played live 3 times:
Earliest known live version: October 18, 2006
Latest known live version: October 23, 2006

Beck played "You're Running Wild" at three shows in one week in 2006. The first and third times were as part of the acoustic set of his show, though his band possibly added some accompaniment.

The second time was at an all acoustic band concert, which is one of my favorite bootlegs/shows. Here is the audio of that version: