Goodtime Charlie
By: John Koerner
Original Performance: Koerner, Ray & Glover
Written by: John Koerner

  1. Goodtime Charlie (2:04)
    Available on Beck And Dava.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Vocals
Goodtime Charlie [Version (a)]:

Turn me loose
Turn me loose
Ain't got time to pick and choose
Come on, momma, turn me loose again

Gonna get me a gun that's as long as my arm
Shoot every man that's done me harm
Goodtime Charlie's back in town again
Goin' downtown to get some booze
C'mon momma, don't tell what I do
Goodtime Charlie's back in town again

?? dance as Snaker Ray
Goodtime Charlie's back in town again
Swing her sideways, lift my gun
Shooting the shot before day is done
Good time Charlie's back in town again

You can get we whiskey, you can get me juice
??? I'm bound to choose
Come on, come on, turn me loose again
The Song:

This upbeat folk song was learned from Koerner, Ray & Glover, one of Beck's favorite folk groups. Beck also said about them, "My brother and I were obsessed with that record. I would sit and listen and try to figure out the songs. They were in the folk world, they were doing this folk music, but they were doing something different with it. They were putting this rock 'n' roll energy into it. That's what attracted me." (Sorry, I lost the source, and am not sure which KR&G record he was referring to. Probably the one which contains "Good Time Charlie" though, Blues, Rags & Hollers.) Beck also referenced a KR&G song called "Don't Let You Right Hand Know What Your Left Hand Do" in his song "Peaches & Cream."

Because of all that, I guess, this is one of the standouts on the Beck + Dava tape. This tape was a home recording of seeming some sort of small get-together. Very informal, and a lot of the songs weren't finished. This one, though, is spirited and complete.

Played live once:
May 20, 2020