Acropolis Now
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Acropolis Now (4:51)
    Available on 2005 tracks.
    Brian Lebarton: Bass, Guitar, keyboards, Vocals (Scream)
    Justin Stanley: Drums, keyboards, Vocals (Scream)
    Beck Hansen: Vocals (Scream)
Acropolis Now [Version (a)]:

The Song:

Brian Lebarton, on November 24 2005, titled a blog post on his myspace page, "Twas a wondrous week of Yanni and Cannibal Corpse." It seems likely to me that this was what he had been recording! (This or the extremely similar "Premonition" at least.)

As that description accurately indicates, the song is a piano-based instrumental interspersed with violent spazzy outbursts. I guess the Alternating Piano->Noise Nonsense Instrumental is a genre Beck wants to master. Mission accomplished!

Brian later confirmed that "Acropolis Now" was recorded during the Nacho Libre soundtrack sessions. The song was written by Beck, but he hardly appears on the recording (only as one of the shouters).

This was put up on as an exclusive track in July 2006.

Title is a play on the Yanni's new age music and his famous Live At Acropolis album (which Beck would later cover in its entirety), and the movie Apocalypse Now (an epic Vietnam War movie from 1979).