Diamond Dogs (Al Jolson at the Rave Tent)
By: David Bowie
Original Performance: David Bowie
Written by: David Bowie

Version Of: Diamond Dogs

This Version:
  • Diamond Dogs (Al Jolson at the Rave Tent)
    a.k.a. Diamond Dogs (Beck Circus Performance)
    Available on Moulin Rouge.
    Beck Hansen: Producer, Vocals
The Song:

This version only appears within the film Moulin Rouge; it is not on the soundtrack. It can be heard in Chapter 7 on the DVD, but unfortunately it is cut-off, obscured by dialogue, and at times muffled in the background. On the DVD commentary director Baz Luhrmann describes it:
This uh track that you hear by Beck - I mean it is actually Beck singing in the background but it doesn't appear on the album it's only in the film and we call it the circus, the Beck circus performance of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs.
Beck has also described it briefly:
Well, that was part of the movie. There are these characters in the film called the Diamond Dogs. This is their theme song. I actually did two versions of the song. The one I did on my own is sort of "Al Jolson at the rave tent." With Kurt Weill playing the pump organ.