Movie Theme
By: Beck Hansen, Nigel Godrich
Written by: Beck Hansen, Nigel Godrich

Version Of: Movie Theme

This Version:
Looking for a ladder
In the stratosphere
So I can be happy
Let my bones melt away

Stranded on a plane
That is circling round
I carry my heart
Like a soldier with a hand grenade

Walking down the aisle
In the supermarket
Looking for the things
For to carry my senses away

Listen to the ring
Of the telephone
Somebody's calling
Somebody who is all alone

Looking for a home
In the magazine page
Wages in my pocket
Gonna buy me anything that I need

A switch in my brain
The battery light
Washing away
Gaping at the oceans below

And I'm not scared
'Cause there's nobody there
My mind is awake
And anything could lead me astray

Listen to the voice
On the radio wave
Somebody needs you
Somebody who is far away


Played live 12 times:
Earliest known live version: May 30, 2006
Latest known live version: June 10, 2022