By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. 1000BPM (2:30)
    Available on The Information and 2 other releases.
    Sean Davis: Bass
    Nigel Godrich: Mix, Producer
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
1000BPM [Version (a)]:

Electronic eye vision, astromagnetic
Corrupted files from galactical planets
Write a new genetic code, thoughts get transported
From neanderthal skulls to digital food malls
Telemarketing people with cellular headsets on their skulls
Selling you wisdom from a plexiglass prism
Biochemical jism hits you with its rhythm
They act like Earth was a terrestrial prison
A zoo for humans put their cities into ruins
Now we can feel what we're doin'
Renew the stratosphere in plastic
Wonder out aloud, spastic
What else can the dust try to tell us?

Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute

Categorize the antichrist
With credentials and a backstage pass
Gasoline in a flask
Tried to pull off his mask
But there was really a face
Repackaged meat from a plant
Security cameras strapped to his back
Failed prescriptions, antidotes
Media in a quarantine submission
Consultants revoke their souls
With unanimous votes
Portions of the proceeds
Go to chainstore victims
In remission conditions
With remodeled kitchens

Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
Comin' to you one thousand beats per minute
The Song:

"1000BPM" was first heard on stage in the year prior to The Information coming out, where Beck would play the album recording during encore breaks of his concerts on the Guero tour. (His band would usually dance around in bear costumes during it.)

It was then later revealed to be part of The Information, where it is one of a few surreal, bizarre raps on the album.

Beck's calm voice raps the hyper lyrics over lots of just-as-hyper percussion and scratches. It also feels like Beck and Nigel made the recording as imperfect as possible, with all sorts of effects mixed in to fuck it up.

The digital alteration of Beck's voice mixed with the throbbing bass displays a combination of human effort and mechanical technology which seems to be at the heart of both this song, as well as The Information as a whole.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm sure Beck would be appalled if I went too deep into this song in particular. As he described it himself, "I was rapping about crazy hallucinogenic things. You can't help getting surreal when doing stream-of-consciousness raps."

But regardless, this almost post-apocalyptic sci-fi landscape was one Beck explored with some frequency throughout The Information: a world where humans and technology collide and intertwine, often indistinguishable, and everyone is left wondering "what else can the dust tell us?"

In other words, when we lose our humanity, becoming automatons of a sort, what exactly is the point?

Played live 32 times:
Earliest known live version: May 24, 2006
Latest known live version: April 8, 2007

Even though the above stats say this song has been played live thirty times, it actually has not been performed at all.

In the summer of 2006, right before The Information came out, a tape of the then-unreleased album recording was regularly played at the beginning of encores. Beck's band ran around on stage in bear suits, pretending to rap the song, climbing instruments, and humping each other.

So technically, "1000BPM" has never been played live with the band. It might show up once or twice on our setlists when a line or two was ad-libbed, but most all of the live list is not an actual live performance.

Official, starring LeatherMan and bears

Unofficial with Legos, by Aaron Reinke