The Girl From R.I.P.-anema
The Song:

This was a song title given to Rolling Stone in a story about what Beck was up to in 2006. It mentioned that he had been working on an album with Nigel Godrich off and on for two years, between Sea Change and Guero. The only song mentioned was "The Girl From RIP-anema," and is apparently about a "disappointing trip to Brazil." The same flight he took with Axl Rose, I wonder?

While we have not heard about this song title since, and this song did not end up on The Information, there is a Japanese bonus track for the album (and on the Deluxe version) called "O Menina." "Menina" is Portugese for "girl," and the lyrics do seem they could be about a disappointing trip to Brazil. My best guess is that this title got dropped, but I don't have any actual verification of that.