Week One
By: Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Simpson

Written by: Beck Hansen, John King, Mike Simpson

  1. Week One (Part 1) (1:51)
    a.k.a. You Could Rattle The
  2. Week One (Part 2) (2:11)
Week One (Part 1) [Version (a)]:


adrenaline ghosts erasing they
chromium sluts with ghetto cologne
seen you walking out on the gang
never had to do it my
The Song:

Back while Beck was spending a long time in the studio recording Midnite Vultures, four weekly video clips were put on Beck.com, showing the sessions. This was the first, week one.

The video begins with Beck playing some new acoustic guitar over the "Deadweight" Latin beat. Mike Simpson (one of the Dust Brothers) comments, "we're working on a new Beck song with some Latin flavor...I think it's Beck's answer to Ricky Martin."

Next the camera pans across a lyric sheet! I have attempted to decipher it above, but a) the camera moves across it fairly quick and out-of-focus, and b) Beck's handwriting wasn't always easy to read. :-) It appears that after "adrenaline," Beck originally wrote "eyes don't," but crossed it out and went with "ghosts." It is all underneath the header "YOU COULD RATTLE THE," which also was crossed out!

After this Beck comments how, "I'll write [the song] out, get the chorus, get about 10 melodies and they battle it out for an hour. He is then shown playing the actual "Deadweight" acoustic guitar riff.

UPDATE: This song would be resurrected in 2005 for Guero as "Earthquake Weather"! (Entirely different lyrics though...)

Next, the film goes to another song. This one's crazy! John King, the other Dust Brother, has a wild rhythm going of Indian instruments, theremins, lots of percussion and syncopation. Beck then makes up a bassline to it for a bit, before stopping and discussing which parts he liked the best with King.

Here you go: