Unwind Yourself
By: Charles Spurling, Hank Ballard
Original Performance: Marva Whitney
Written by: Charles Spurling, Hank Ballard

  1. Unwind Yourself
The Song:

This famous horn riff comes from a song performed by Marva Whitney. It has been sampled by many rap artists, most famously by DJ Kool in a bad-ass early hiphop classic "Let Me Clear My Throat."

David Brown, one of the Brass Menagerie (Beck's horn section on the Vultures tour), used to step out and play this riff near the end of live versions of "Nicotine & Gravy." The best example of this was on The Tonight Show in 2001, where David Brown got his showcase on national TV.

Played live 11 times:
Earliest known live version: April 30, 2000
Latest known live version: July 12, 2001