Almost a Ghost
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Almost a Ghost
Almost a Ghost [Version (a)]:

The Song:

"Almost a Ghost" was recorded at the end of September 1998. It was immediately lined up for release as a B-side for "Tropicalia," to be released that November.

Shortly thereafter, Beck changed his mind. "Tropicalia" was released, but without "Almost a Ghost." Official word was that Beck liked the song so much, he was going to use it on his next album (which would be Midnite Vultures). Obviously, this did not happen, and the song remains unreleased and unheard by mortal ears. JMJ, Beck's right-hand man, described the song as "a really cool song...beautiful, with a driving rhythm to it and very cool guitars."


This song has never been played live.