Frontin' on Debra
By: Beck Hansen, Ed Greene, John King, Mike Simpson
Written by: Beck Hansen, Ed Greene, John King, Mike Simpson

Version Of: Debra

This Version:
  • Frontin' on Debra (6:12)
    Available on Debra.
    Beck Hansen: Mashed, Vocals
    N.E.R.D.: Mashed
    DJ Reset: Remix (Mashup)
    Jay-Z: Vocals
    Pharrell Williams: Vocals
The Song:

"Frontin' On Debra" is a mashup of Pharrell & Jay-Z's "Frontin'" with "Debra."

This mashup was credited as the first official release of a mashup, as it was put on sale on iTunes. Most mashups are unofficial bootlegs made for the dancefloor. Beck and Pharrell approved DJ Reset's mash and it was then sold.

I have two versions of the track, one is slightly longer than the other.

It's a great mash, as Beck and Pharrell sound like twins, and the slightly sped up music of "Debra" makes it all sound just the right amount of hyper. I think most of the music is all "Debra," but then it uses most of the vocals from both songs--and they go together quite effortlessly.