Pussy Stomp
By: Jon Spencer
Original Performance: Pussy Galore
Written by: Jon Spencer

  1. Pussy Stomp
The Song:

"Pussy Stomp" is a song from Pussy Galore's album Right Now!

Beck in an interview in October 1994 mentioned that his band had played 3 different Pussy Galore songs on stage. One setlist confirms one of the songs ("Just Wanna Die"), and for now the other two—"Constant Pain" and this one—we only know about from the interview:
Beck: Yeah! Wow. We did Pussy Galore songs, and he would come out and start singin? em. We wouldn?t even ask him.

The Blues Explosion did Pussy Galore songs?

Beck: No, no. We did. My band.

Oh, really? What did you do?

Beck: We did 'I Just Wanna Die', 'Constant Pain', 'Pussy Stomp'.