Piss on the Door
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Piss on the Door
    Available on One Foot In The Grave.
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
Piss on the Door [Version (a)]:

Everything's ugly, kissing my honey
Pickles and pie, can't wait to die
Reach up around, sick as a town
Donuts and tea, don't talk to me
Self-right chicken, Mojo Nixon
Thick as a stick and burning crap
Running all down in the burning crap
You said it before, you kids are so poor
Grow up frozen and piss on a door
Grow up frozen and piss on a door

Out on the highway, I'm doing it my way
Who wants to show, everybody says Go!
Rockin' the lands, recyclin' cans
We get the head, choking on lead
Brothers and sisters, bloodthirsty blisters
Skeleton pride, she cooks my mind
Skeleton baby, she pokes my hide
Sexy death soda, wait till your older
Can't get enough of tomorrow today
Can't get enough of tomorrow today
Woo Hoo!

Robot chicken, Mojo Nixon
Can't get your stick in the burning crap
Said it before, the kids are so poor
Grow up frozen and piss on a door
Grow up frozen and piss on a door
The Song:

"Piss On The Door" is an outtake from the One Foot in the Grave sessions. At one point, beck.com put the lyrics online, years before the fun song would end up being released on One Foot Deluxe.

One line would be used again later ("out on the highway / doing it my way" shows up on "Electric Music"). In fact, the whole scheme of the words sort of remind of "Electric Music," with the quick short rhyming phrases piling on each other.

Many of the other phrases also sound like Beck favorites (robot chickens, skeletons, recyclin' cans, etc.). And some would never be heard again (pickles and pie). Beck even mentions his friend Steve Hanft's band, Sexy Death Soda.