Night Flight to Rio (Tell Axl We Love Him)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Night Flight to Rio (Tell Axl We Love Him)
From August 29, 2002 (San Francisco)

Ohhhhh talkin' about Rio, the land of bossanova!
I liked how Caetano Veloso was one of the great Brazilian musicians
Talked about how Americans thought of Brazil
As the land of Carmen Miranda and people wearing fruit baskets on their heads
And living on the beach and playing soccer and stuff
But when I was there, I was struck how sophisticated and amazing
They've merged their art and life. I got to go there last year.

It was a night flight to Rio!
Not a lot happened except Axl Rose was on the plane with me
He was sitting on the other side, it was completely empty.
And Axl was on one side, I was on the other.
I couldn't hear anything he was saying,
But he had him and his bodyguard and his girlfriend
And all the stewardesses were all around him
He was making them laugh the whole time, they were cracking up
When I got to the airport, he slipped out the back of the airport
And I went through, and I had really long hair at the time
And emerging from the baggage claim, all these film crews
They just saw blonde hair and they just all started attacking me
About four hundred fans chasing me into this little Fiat
And then they realized I was not Axl
And they said "Tell Axl we love him! Tell him we love him, oh!"
Which I never did, but... he's a hard man to track down
We were all staying in the same hotel and there was a helipad on top
He just took the helicoptor around town

So Axl, if you're out there, they love you
They love you down in Rio, the land of bossanova!