Night Flight to Rio (Fruity Drinks)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Night Flight to Rio (Fruity Drinks)
It's a night flight to Rio, yea.
I flew to Rio last year, it was me on the plane
In the business section, midnight flight to Rio
Me and Axl Rose going to the land of bossanova
He was on the side of the plane, I was on the other side
Just minding my business, trying to sleep
Didn't want to get into his ??
Announcer came on, said
"We'll be serving orange juiceand peanuts."
"Fasten your seat belts."
Just then I drifted into a dream
Oh beaches, tropical drinks, fruit in the drinks
Some tropical drinks, fashion on the beach
Pineapple fruit, mango, banana, uh huh fruit drinks
Drifting on a dream in the land of bossanova, Rio
And then just as I was dozing into a dream
I suddenly woke up, it was Axl standing above me
Silhouetted by the dim lights of the plane
He said "Welcome to the jungle baby! You're gonna die!"
No wait. That was a just a dream.
I woke up, he was still on the side of the plane.
Everything's cool now in Rio
Played some music that was so laidback
People are aggressive down in Rio
They want to kick your ass
They want death metal, that's what they want down there