Night Flight to Rio (Axl Rose Nightmare)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Night Flight to Rio (Axl Rose Nightmare)
From August 14, 2002 (New York, NY)

This kind of reminds me night flights to Rio. I went to Rio last year.

It was a night flight to Rio, yea... me and Axl Rose in the business class section
Didn't seem like anybody else was on the plane except me and Axl Rose
And Axl Rose's bodyguard and Axl Rose's girlfriend
Made me feel kind of spooky, oh yea
He was on one side of the plane and I was on the other
Keeping to myself, wanted to sleep, trying to sleep
Sleeping sleeping, dreaming about Rio, Rio bossanova!
And all my favorite singers like Jorge Ben, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, ??
And as I'm dreaming, the night flight to Rio, suddenly my dreams are awoken
Axl Rose is in my face, staring down... he looks like Axl Rose, but he's put on a few pounds
He's looking in my eyes, he says "Welcome to the jungle, baby! You're gonna die!"
Suddenly all my bossanova dreams are shattered
I'm walking in an Axl Rose nightmare
Someone get me off this plane real quick
Axl Rose is in my face and he's goin' like this...
And then I woke up with a start and I realized that was just a dream
And Axl Rose was on the other side of the plane
He didn't want anything to do with me really
Then I got to the airport, I was in a little bit of a daze
Axl Rose slipped out of the back of the airport
And I was going through the baggage claim, grabbed my suitcase and I walked through
And suddenly 15 camera crews are around me, crowds of teenagers screaming "We love you Axl!"
My hair was a little bit long at the time, but I don't think they thought it was me
They started chasing me anyway and I was running in the hot heat of the Brazilian sun
And I got into a little tiny Ford Geo and they were pounding on the car
"Tell Axl we love him! Tell him we love him!" "What was Axl like?" "Tell him we love him!"
I didn't. Sorry Axl, I forgot.
They love you.