Make It Up
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Make It Up
You're my favorite person in the world
And I'm not just saying that
It takes a lot of nerve for you to say you hate me
So dish out everything you got
I'll be your peasan, I'll be your dishrag
Getting rid of a lot of extra baggage
Plastic bags full of leftovers Rise it up
You can leave me in your wasteland Make it all up
With the wildcats and the rancid food Raise your roof
I'll eat it all up Make it all up
Tellin you how it tastes so good

Leave me a message upon your back
That I'll have to use someone elses phone I won't complain
'Cause they're investigating my phone You can be crazy
And it gives me a chill Tear up your dress
To wonder whose side you're on Cut up the curtains
'Cause they've dividing up all the people Make it all up
In seperate compartments