By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Lawnmower (3:04)
    Available on We Like Folk... Who Cares... Destroy Us and 1 other release.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Lawnmower [Version (a)]:

Pick a pocket, fill a shoe
She was living in a bad moon
The truth is naked when it's around
Like a creature under the ground

She been hiding keys to the car
Yeah yeah now what we are
Gettin' us home now in a lawnmower

Throw those pictures down the lane
She got scissors in my brain
She likes lightning, she talked free
Pull my hair out and give it to me
The Song:

"Lawnmower" is the title of the last song listed on the We Like Folk demo tape.

This song has a line about mowing the lawn in it, and is old. Might they be the same?

A recent discovery of an alternate version of Don't Get Bent Out Of Shape has a song with the above lyrics. Due to the line about the lawnmower, I have attached this title to it. It is possible, I guess, that the We Like Folk "Lawnmower" is something else, and that this is a different song. Don't know for sure yet though, but for now, we'll treat them as the same.

Either way, this song is a pretty tune, clearly based off another old Beck track "Gettin' Home." The blues-y fingerpicking is similar, and so is Beck's vocal melody. I'm guessing this was an improvisation of the "Gettin' Home" framework.

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