I've Just Seen a Face Lift
By: Beck Hansen, Paul McCartney, Steve Hanft
Written by: Beck Hansen, Paul McCartney, Steve Hanft

  1. I've Just Seen a Face Lift (1:57)
    Available on Healing - Are U Positive and 1 other release.
    Beck Hansen: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
    Steve Hanft: Vocals
I've Just Seen a Face Lift [Version (a)]:

My face is lubricated
Molten lava fill your face with gasoline
Kegs are roasting with the wind whipping my teeth
??? future
Furniture ??
I walked around without my teeth
Sucking on gangrene ??
Blowing down ??
I don't know where you are
By the way ??? with my freedom ??
I got me spinach, riding the biscuits
?? rolling in the sky
Then we picked out some fish out of the trash
And then we grilled them until they were charred, burnt

I just seen a big ol' piece of meat in the kitchen!
And I bit off my foot and then I ran, ran, ran, ran, ran, ran!
Crawling, I'm tired of crawling!
And I am bleeding on my new suit!
The Song:

"I've Just Seen A Face Lift" is sort of a rewrite of the Beatles' song, "I've Just Seen A Face." Because the phrase "I've just seen a face lift" does not seem to be in the lyrics, perhaps it's actually an official title?! I'm probably the only one who gets excited about stuff like that, sorry. :-P I really am not sure about the history of this tape—who made it? why? for who?—so I can't really attest as to where the song titles are from, though I gather most all of them are "unofficial." This one, though, might not be.

Anyway, it's a somewhat sloppy duet between Beck and Steve Hanft. The lyrics up there stick to Beck's part of the duet, as Steve seems to be saying something else sometimes, but he's in the background, and harder to make out.

It's a pretty amusing performance, and I think it could've been a very interesting recording if done up properly.

25 years later or so, in 2015, Beck joined Paul McCartney on stage at an event and sang "I've Just Seen A Face," bringing the universe full circle.