I Am Music
By: Aaliyah, Timbaland
Written by: Aaliyah, Timbaland

  1. I Am Music (3:59)
The Song:

It was initially, and widely, reported that while Beck was working on "Diamond Dogs" with producer Timbaland, he guested on another song called "Our Music." Aaliyah also sings on the seductive song, and it was said that it would be on Timbaland & Magoo's album, Indecent Proposal. The album was originally to be released in March 2001, but kept being pushed back until November 20 2001.

Unfortunately, however, in the end, Beck's contribution to the song was left off. Timbaland decided to leave it just a duet between him and Aaliyah. Beck is not on the final version at all. I do not know if we'll ever get to hear Beck's verse or not, or if Beck had any influence on the song at all.

Timbaland explained, "Beck did his verse, but I haven't put it on there because. . .I fell in love with how it originally sounded."

This, then, remains unreleased until further notice. If you have an mp3 that says it includes Beck, it is not correctly labelled.