Hey Jude
By: Paul McCartney

Original Performance: The Beatles
Written by: Paul McCartney

Live Versions:
  1. Hey Jude
Hey Jude [Live version (a)]:

from April 24 2003 version

Hey Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
And remember to let her into your heart
And na na na na
The Song:

During his concert on April 24 2003, Beck had just attempted (but failed) to get through "Ship in a Bottle," so while figuring out where to go next, he kicked into "Hey Jude." In the middle he told the story of a successful busker who used to play the song constantly. It's not a full cover, but Beck has a little fun doing it in his falsetto.

Since Beck admitted he used to cover this often before he was famous, I'll leave the song page here. :)

Played live 2 times:
Earliest known live version: April 24, 2003
Latest known live version: July 26, 2013