Dead Man with No Heart
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Live Versions:
  1. Dead Man with No Heart
Dead Man with No Heart [Live version (a)]:

Dead man with no eyes, won't you look at me tonight?
Tell me will I look good with my pants on so tight?
Watch me die, watch me die

Dead man with no heart, won't you love me still?
Put me in your helicopter and give me some weight-loss pills
Watch me die, teach me how to cry

Dead man with no stomach, won't you eat up all my food?
Spit it in my face 'cause it don't taste so good
Watch me die, let me ride

Dead man with no feet, won't you run to the liquor store?
We're running out of caskets, won't you run and get some more?
Watch me die!

Dead man, I ain't go no credit, won't you put me in the cash machine?
Swim around in the dollar bills, look out, I'm turning green
Watch me fry, watch me die
The Song:

This odd song is a lot of fun. It's not serious, just two guys (Beck and Chris Ballew) dueling on banjos. The song was performed live in the studio at KCRW on March 1 1994. Afterwards Beck announced that they'd made it up that day. The last verse sounds completely adlibbed, as right before the song began Beck called his new giant acoustic Gibson guitar his "Johnny Cashmachine." He sort of trips into the "I'm turning green" line, as well.

I have no idea what the "official" title would be. "Dead Man with No Heart" is how the song is usually referenced, and it of course fits. However, the closest thing to an actual title came when the host asked what the song was called, as he assumed it could not be called "Watch Me Die." Beck laughed the question off by calling it "Can't Frail To Save My Life." (Frailing is a style of banjo playing.)

Played live once:
March 1, 1994