Back Streets of Scottsdale (Scottsdale Revolution)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Back Streets of Scottsdale (Scottsdale Revolution)
SHOW #16 (August 25, 2002)

What's going on in Scottsdale today?
Lot of crazy things going down in Scottsdale today
Violent revolution in the streets
People marching and carrying signs
The world is changing down in Scottsdale
It's a cultural revolution, it's a sexual revolution
It's a chain store revolution, yea!
It's a revolution sponsored by Best Buy
It's a revolution sponsored by State ?
It's a revolution sponsored by Office Depot
That's the kind of revolution I'm talkin' about!
That's the kind of revolution I've been talkin' about, oh yea
And then in the sunshine everything is beautiful
What's going on in Scottsdale?
Something's going on beneath the surface
They got ?? on the sides of the freeway walls, oh yea yea
A lot of fucking handicrafts going on in Scottsdale yea yea
A lot of middle class Navajo art, yea yea
But there's something... there's the ghost of something incredible, I do have to say.  It still comes through.  There is, there is. There's something in the hills.
There's something in the hills is resounding, oh oh ohhhhhhhhh
And I still haven't figured out what it is.  That's why I can't finish this song.
I think after the show I'll have to march into the deserts and the hills and find out the answer.
But in the meanwhile, I'll have to
Rock a little bit of Staples, rock a little bit of Best Buy
Rock a little bit of TJ Maxx, yea... PF Chang's is going off!
Scottsdale is about to erupt! Ooooooooh ah
The Song:

Show 16's song ended up being about the chain stores which I presume are taking over Scottsdale.

Played live once:
August 25, 2002