Back Streets of LA (Embarrassing Myself)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Back Streets of LA (Embarrassing Myself)
SHOW #20 (August 30, 2002)

It's a different kind of show tonight, it's an L.A. show
Portentious clouds for the L.A. show
L.A., what can I say? Not much 'cause I live here
There's no mystery! Know any good restaurants?
'Cause I'm eatin' at the same three places week after week
L.A.'s a place where people keep to themselves
Got my car...what kind do you drive?
Might be a Hyundai, might not be one
L.A., lot of people I know in the audience tonight
Alright, I'm gonna stop this song before I embarrass myself further.
Embarrassing myself!
The Song:

Show #20, the last show of the tour, was at home in LA. Beck seems a little more concerned about being a jack-ass then when he was away from home, alone.

Played live once:
August 30, 2002