Back Streets of St. Paul (Big-Ass Town)
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Back Streets of St. Paul (Big-Ass Town)
SHOW #5 (August 8, 2002)

Yea I got the address to the theatre right here.
I was looking for directions.
St Paul is a big-ass town!
Easy to get lost when you're out from another city, coming in
Hey Mr, if you can help me find the gig?
"No I can't, I'm busy and I gotta get back to work."
Until an old lady steps up and said "I can help you out.
Fitzgerald Theatre - around ten blocks.
Turn left, turn right, turn left, turn left, turn right and then left.
And here's the address."
So I'm walking on stage and I'm playing my jam.
About halfway through the show
I feel like playing a keyboard solo!
[plays a keyboard solo]
The Song:

Show #5's brief song about St. Paul came in the middle of "Tropicalia."

Played live once:
August 8, 2002