We Got the Beat
By: Charlotte Caffey

Original Performance: The Go-Go's
Written by: Charlotte Caffey

The Song:

In 2000, Beck's friend Petra Haden had been in a car accident, and a concert was set-up for to raise some funds. (Petra is a member of that dog, who toured and recorded with Beck a lot in the early days of Beck's career. She also sings on "Rental Car" a few years after this show.) Beck performed a 30-minute acoustic set at the benefit. The Go-Gos also performed, but without Belinda Carlisle, so a number of different vocalists sang lead for them. Beck wasn't one of them, but Jack Black did sing "We Got The Beat," and Beck joined on stage to sing back-up vocals (and give Jack a backrub).



Played live once:
November 26, 2000