Purple Rain
By: Prince

Original Performance: Prince and the Revolution
Written by: Prince

Purple Rain [Version (b)]:

from July 12 2005 version:

Never meant 2 cause U any worries
Never meant 2 cause U any pain
Only want to C U laughing
In the San Jose rain
San Jose rain
San Jose rain
The Song:

"Purple Rain" is of course the Prince song from the album of the same name. Beck is a fan.

Beck has never covered "Purple Rain" fully, but has on occasion referenced it on stage -- sometimes on acoustic guitar, once apparently on harmonium. Probably some other times we don't know about just for fun as stage banter.

Played live 5 times:
Earliest known live version: July 12, 2005
Latest known live version: March 1, 2020

Beck, at his show in San Jose, started playing "Purple Rain" on his acoustic guitar. Beck of course changed the chorus slightly, and only did a verse and a chorus before moving on.

One newspaper review of the show in Phoenix on October 28 2005 seemed to imply that Beck did a harmonium version of "Purple Rain"!