Bâti Mon Nid
By: Franck Gérald, Valeniza Zagni da Silva (Tuca)

Original Performance: Françoise Hardy
Written by: Franck Gérald, Valeniza Zagni da Silva (Tuca)

Live Versions:
  1. Bâti Mon Nid
Bâti Mon Nid [Live version (a)]:

[it's in French]
[my French isn't strong enough to transcribe]
[there's lots of la-la-la's]
The Song:

This is a song originally done by Françoise Hardy, a French singer, mainly known from the 1960s and 1970s.

Read more about her at the Wikipedia here. This song was originally on her 1971 album La Question.

Way back in May 26 2001, Beck was a DJ on KCRW for an hour in Los Angeles, and spun "Bati Mon Nid" in his set.

Then four years later, in 2005 while promoting Guero, Beck performed the song himself on a French TV show. I believe it was a tribute show towards Hardy. I have not seen or heard Beck's cover. If anyone in France reads this, and has a copy, please let me know! almostaghost@gmail.com

Beck has only played this song once on the TV show. It was never carried over into his own concerts (as far as we know anyway).

Played live once:
March 25, 2005