Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix)
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

Version Of: Broken Drum

This Version:
I see you there
Your long black hair
Your eyes just stare
Your mind is turning

You know I'll laugh
I won't take it back
I've seen your act
I know what you're thinking

And one by one
We'll shoot our guns
We'll have fun
Don't ever doubt it

And when I say
Fare thee well
My only friend
Oh how the days go
Oh how the days go

Your setting sun
Your broken drum
Your little drugs
I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
I'll never forget you
The Song:

Beck, in an interview with Clash Magazine from early 2005, mentioned that he had the group Boards Of Canada remix a song. They remixed "Outerspace," and according to, the remix was to be titled "Blank Space."

However, since "Outerspace" changed names to "Broken Drum," this remix could no longer be called "Blank Space." It is just simply "Broken Drum (Boards Of Canada remix)." (Make sense?)

Boards Of Canada's website calls their remix "melody-drenched." Beck himself says this is his favorite remix ever. When asked what Boards Of Canada brought to the song, Beck explained, "Well, they brought something that was there, but then they just added a whole new dimension. I guess it's quite an emotional song and they brought out something bittersweet in it that was kinda hippyish, but it doesn't maim you with saccharine. It kinda gets you right in the chest."

This remix will be a bonus track on some editions of Guero, as well as the "Broken Drum" remix included on Guerolito.