Back in the '90s Ditty
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Live Versions:
  1. Back in the '90s Ditty
Back in the '90s Ditty [Live version (a)]:

Back in the '90s!
Talkin' about those days

Back in the '90s whooooa
Livin' free, lookin' good
Workin' on it...
The Song:

This was a tiny blip of an ad-libbed song that Beck sang while chatting to the audience one night.

He was playing the tiny Maxwell's in NJ in 2003, and there was a famous show there in 1996 too. And he was with a couple of band members from the Odelay tour (Stagecoach and Showboat), so they were reminiscing and Beck started singing.

Played live once:
February 14, 2003

Ad-libbed song, like 20 seconds long