Heavy Duty Song
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Live Versions:
  1. Heavy Duty Song
    Beck Hansen: Piano, Vocals
Heavy Duty Song [Live version (a)]:

This is my stage. My piano--it cost me two hundred bucks. And two thousand to get it here.

?? I feel you in my arms
In my ??
Like a tiger ??

What's going on London?
This is a song about the ?
It's in a minor key and it's called
"Heavy Duty Song"

It's heavy
It's the motherfuckin' ??
Can't ? without you all
It's a heavy duty gig
With a ??
It won't let you back
That's OK
I just can't get the same
Queen's toilet to flush
I'm with you
'Cause anything is possible in London
Hopefully I'll play a few songs good
Probably mess up a few
That's alright, it's all intimidating
'Cause I know this is an intimidating gig
London people know ??
London people know what they like
And what they don't like, they don't like
They'll tell it to your face
It feels like mace
They'll like you one week
And the next one they don't
When the weather is good, anyway.
The Song:

Beck went on a solo tour of Europe in the spring of 2003. The shows included a lot of talking, and were very loose. He often improvised songs about the city he was in, and this was about London and playing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall.

Played live once:
April 26, 2003