Killing Kindness
By: Beck Hansen, Sia Furler
Written by: Beck Hansen, Sia Furler

  1. Killing Kindness
Killing Kindness [Version (a)]:

[from April 19 2003 version]

I'm gonna kill you with kindness
I'm gonna show you I'm not the enemy
There's no such, no strings, pulling teeth
You're just a friend in need

And I'm gonna challenge your blindness
And feel my way to where you seem to be
This thing that you think you need to get by
I'll like it when you die

I know you're slowly dying
I know you're only trying
To drown and drown your sorrow
Till tomorrow comes

And I'm gonna challenge your blindness
I'm gonna buckle in defeat
You can try and make it harder than it seems to be
You're in my custody

I know you're slowly dying
I know you're only trying
To drown your sorry sorrows
Till tomorrow's end
The Song:

"Killing Kindness" is a song Beck co-wrote with Sia Furler from Zero 7 in 2002 or so.

Sia says the original concept for the song was "about grumpy people and turning it back on them by being essentially good, but we went a bit darko on it, and now it is what it is. I love it!" Beck sings it "beautifully," she adds.

The two of them wrote at least a couple of other songs together, "Silence Them" and "The Bully."

"The Bully" made it on to Sia's album, Colour The Small One, but "Killing Kindess" and "Silence Them" did not and remain unreleased.

Fortunately for us, Beck surprisingly played it live once by himself (without Sia) during a tour in 2003.

Played live once:
April 19, 2003

Beck played this live once, but without Sia. He did it alone on the piano, during his solo Europe tour in 2003.