Dinner Music
By: Beck Hansen, Smokey Hormel
Written by: Beck Hansen, Smokey Hormel

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[From August 29, 2002 performance]

B: I was wondering if you'd do a little dinner music for me, Smokey?

S: Certainly. What kind of dinner music would you like?

B: Something that's good for digestion and general ambience. I've heard that the right music makes a big difference when you're dining, and for your dining experience.

[Smokey starts some mindless light guitar music.]

B: I like this place. I like to come to eat here. I like to bring the missus.

S: Thursdays they make a great...ribs.

B: You been working here long?

S: About a couple of years.

B: Food's good, huh? They give you free meals?

S: We get the employee menu.

B: Burger and fries?

S: Or you can zucchini fries and burger.

B: I haven't seen that couple here before. Who's that?

S: Oh you don't want to talk to them.

B: He looks like he's been working out too much. He's got that sunken-eyes steroid look. I like it here because you can bring the whole family...or not. You can leave them behind and just say "forget it. I'm goin' it alone tonight." Sometimes you got to go it alone.

S: I'm not really supposed to be saying this, but we really like to discourage children in this place. I'll probably lose my job for saying that.

B: What about the children though? This is... what kind of music is this. I don't know how well I'm gonna digest to that.

[Smokey starts some more upbeat stuff, even a bit of "Tropicalia."]

B: Mm. That gets the fluids going, I think. Can you throw in some water porpoise sounds in there? Or some tropical bird calls? Oh I know this song. Mmm. Now why is the food so overpriced here? I could make this for two dollars.

S: Well, we got to pay for the expensive, over-designed ambience.

B: I do like the decor. It's that sort of sponge paint job. It's really nice, kinda fresh. All the handicrafts.

S: Like an upscale Cracker Barrel.

B: Yea, kind of a Navajo theme, for the suburbs. The waiter...I think he's on something though. He's a little aggressive. Tell him I want the check actually.

S: Hey Victor, can we get the check?

Played live once:
August 29, 2002