By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Poignant
Poignant [Version (a)]:

Gonna get kinda poignant tonight. This is called "Poignant."

Gonna get poignant tonight
I went to the poignancy seminar
They were holding it at the Hyatt in Scottsdale, Arizona
Sharing feelings, tempting me with emotion
Harmonic chord changes to ellicit the correct emotional response
Some poignancy, mmm ohhh ohhh ohhh
It was a seminar to end all seminars

Where do we go from there?
Take it to another level of poignancy.

You thought that shit was poignant?
Check out how poignant this is.
Lot of crazy shit's happened to me!
Lot of crazy shit has happened to you.
We can all stand that shit together
Put it in a song and make it live forever
Oooh we can heal

Rock on E, Eminor to Amajor.
Stick in a C7, ohh.

Then an eagle takes flight
Amongst the enormous branches of majestic trees
Nature is a recurring theme in my work
'Cause I think it represents innocence and truth
And the natural order

But speed metal is a recurring theme as well.

Ah look, the trees are calling me
Golden trees of majestic splendor
And then... seasons of the abyss!

OK I'm gonna play a song for real... [he doesn't, he talks a bit, before starting up "Poignant" again.]

Shut up, play a song
Should I do the whole fucking show like this?
Nothing happening in front
Throwin' shit, really don't know what'll happen next
I may make a fool out of myself
I may ruin my career tonight
Let's fucking ruin my career tonight!
I wanna fuck up my career tonight!
The pressure is on...
What the hell, it's just a career
The kind you find out in a world when you're working
And working so hard, what for?
To make a little place in this world
Make a little money to feed the children!
What about the children?!
What the fuck does this show have to do with the children?
What're we gonna do for the children?
Children are the future
This song is about the past
How's that gonna help the children?
Singing about some shit that happened to you and me
What's the point of even doing a show?
We should be outside with the children
Playing games with the children
Making the children laugh!
Buying toys for the children
Instead we're sitting selfish in a room at a concert

This is all for the children.
The Song:

Beck opened his concert in San Francisco on August 28, 2002 in a very talkative mood. After talking about stuff for about seven minutes, he then started to sing this long improvised song. It's one of his funnier improvisations, in my opinion, and not as redundant as some of the others have been.

Played live once:
August 28, 2002