Songs That Go Like This
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

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  • Songs That Go Like This
[From August 22, 2002 show]

[plays a cliched pop piano riff for about a minute]

Isn't that what you're supposed to play on one of these pianos?
See, that's how easy it is to write a song. Songs are pretty dumb. It's really easy.

Everybody knows the songs that go like this
And they're made to make you feel a particular way when you hear them
'Cause they sound like other songs that made you feel something before
Something before, yea... when we were young and innocent and beautiful, baby

And then I try to write one myself and it should go like this
Mmm yea and I fuck it up
'Cause otherwise it would be a cliche

Beautiful memories, not so beautiful anymore
'Cause I changed the chords and it's all fucked up now
Makes no sense at all, ohhhh

[some hard to decipher falsetto lines]

Played live once:
August 22, 2002