Bogus Soul
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Bogus Soul (1:13)
    Available on Golden Feelings.
Bogus Soul [Version (a)]:

Fuckin' on my, fuckin' on my floor
Fuckin' on, fuckin' talkin' to me
Fuckin' talkin' to me, ohh
And I walk and I talk
All the people, they want my soul
They want to touch me with my finger
I want a drink, I want a deal
I don't get no tail
I rock and roll, rock and roll
I got the soul, got the soul
She got the soul, she let me go...
The Song:

"Bogus Soul" is an interesting track, in that it both cuts in at the beginning, and cuts out at the end! You don't hear that too often. But on a filler track from Golden Feelings, it works.

This sounds like one of those recordings where Beck would sing and play on a tape, then play it back and sing over it into another tape, and then do it again and again. All the layers end up making the song fairly incomprehensible. It is also one of the earliest recordings of Beck's 17-octave vocal range.