The House of Jack
By: James Royal
Written by: James Royal

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. D-Day Intro
a.k.a. Funky Fanfare
a.k.a. Soul Thing

Live Versions:
  1. The House of Jack
The House of Jack [Live version (a)]:

The Song:

"Soul Thing" is the name of a library funk song by Tony Newman. Beck's band used as a quick intro to their show on PBS' Sessions at West 54th in 1997. It was just a little dramatic build-up to Beck's introduction.

There is another version of the song by Keith Mansfield, called "Funky Fanfare." The two versions are very similar to each other, and to what Beck's band played. I am not clear whose version came first, or who wrote it, or whose version Beck knows.

Many bootlegs refer to this song as "D-Day Intro."

Played live once:
September 6, 1997