See Your Face
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. See Your Face
See Your Face [Version (a)]:

See your face in the evening
Are you breathing?
To find you drifting like the tide
Moving down from the high road
To the low one with you

See your face in the morning
Are you falling?
Who's got the last ditch, don't understand
Moving down from the high road
To the low road with you
The Song:

This pretty folk song came in the middle of his acoustic set on February 10, 1997. After playing "Pay No Mind," he announces, "I'm thinking of some appropriate songs to play ... This is... let's see, let's see..." Then he starts. He doesn't announce what it is, but he just starts playing. Thus, official title is unknown. Also unknown is if Beck ever attempted to record it or anything.

The acoustic guitar backing is somewhat similar in style to "Pay No Mind," but with a slower, more haunting melody -- "to the low road with yoooooooou." Beck's vocals are the highlight here, even though the song is so short.

Played live once:
February 10, 1997