Just Go For It
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Go For a Land

Live Versions:
  1. Just Go For It
Just Go For It [Live version (a)]:

At the edge of the ledge something's said
Pulled out fruit, out from the basket, looking at you
Lost in time the heat, looking for something to eat
Shallow deep it's so complete, you can't just eat it

Say it out, deflate it flat, that's where it's going
With a flaming armpit and a diamond-scoured pig
Stained with yellow shit, just go for it

???? looking for a towel

Shake a stick at that, that's just where it's at
Crying enforced, leave the rest down
Wrap it in the flavorful skin
The Song:

This pretty song's title is unknown. The Total Paranoia bootleg refers to it as "Go For A Land," but the setlist on that boot is filled with all sorts of errors. I'm not sure that phrase occurs in the song anyway. I have also seen it referred to as "Just Go For It" which is a little more likely, in my opinion. It still doesn't really sound like a Beck title, but it works fine.

The best part of the song is the fancy, catchy guitar riff. Beck plays the song alone on his guitar. There is a strange bridge in the middle of the tune (after "just go for it" and before "shake a stick") which is an interesting change of directions. The lyrics are kind of odd... Beck seems to be singing about some sort of fruit that he's having difficulty eating. Something like that.

Played live once:
June 29, 1994