Blackfire Choked Our Death
By: Beck Hansen

Written by: Beck Hansen

  1. Blackfire Choked Our Death (1:46)
    Available on A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight.
    Beck Hansen: Vocals
Blackfire Choked Our Death [Version (a)]:

Lightning burned the field
Blackfire choked our breath
We huddled in the kitchen
Sand poured through the walls
We looked to one another
The children shut their mouths
The whirling and the turning of destruction filled our house
The bloodthirsty yearning clamored all about us
Darkness rose up from the floor like a demon
Fearful of the death that buckled through our minds
Shaken to the core, forsaken and unkind
When the sun came a-shining and the dust did settle down
Birds and jackrabbits lay dead on the ground
Electricity trembled in the sky
Sparks shot forward causing us to fly
Take some breakfast, but the grit was in our food
And everywhere around us, starvation broke on through
My husband stood a-staring at the plentiful disaster
God was in his eyes, but death was in his heart
Dried-up whiskey, chickens in the house
Stolen car stereo, cholesterol on your mouth
Stolen car stereo, snowman all in flames
Deluxe cockroach telling me what's real
Black Sabbath playing, wake up in my socks
Candle all a-burning, her face is on TV
The Song:

This truly bizarre track from Western Harvest (most likely) features Beck's own vocals. He used an effect to pitch his voice higher, sounding like a girl (much like those "8.6.82" recordings on Stereopathetic.) The second line (right before "in the kitchen") has what sounds like the vocal effect slipping off, and that bit ends up sounding like Beck's normal voice.

There's no music here, just Beck's voice stumbling through lines of insanity and doom and apocalypse. The title does not appear in the song either, as Beck says "breath" instead of "death."