Take Off Your Pants
By: Beck Hansen
Written by: Beck Hansen

Alternate Titles:

a.k.a. Take Off Your (Dirty) Panties

Take Off Your Pants [Version (a)]:

Take off your pants
Take off your pants for a little while
Let your thighs feel the breeze
Let your hair grow out a little bit on your legs
Take off your pants
Your pants, your pants are tired
Your pants have been worn out all day
Give your pants a rest even if it's just five minutes
Let your pants just blow in the wind

That's the one thing I noticed. I was walking around and people had their laundry up on their lines. The laundry was drying out in the wind and there was a lot of pants that had a lot of stains on them...right down there.

Lot of stained pants in Lisbon, Portugal!
The Song:

Beck, during his acoustic sets on the Midnite Vultures tour, liked to ask for requests. On March 5 2000, in Lisbon, Portugal, he hears someone shout "Take off your pants!" This made him laugh, "I don't know that one! You take off your pants." But, as with "Take Me Backstage," the one phrase is all Beck needs to create a song. Even one filled with bad puns!

Played live once:
March 5, 2000

This is an improvised song from March 5 2000.